Neowater Solubilization Service

by : Ofir Sahar

Do-Coop Technologies Ltd. is a private company based in Israel. Its primal goal is to develop and commercialize novel water-based materials using Nanotechnology for the biotechnology, pharmaceutical and chemical industries.
Do-Coop has developed a patented Nanotechnology to modify the properties of water, using nanoparticles, enabling the first ever introduction of water-based biomaterials.
Do-Coop has recently started commercialization of its first line of products, branded as Neowater ,targeting the molecular diagnostics and research market within the Life Sciences industry. The company is now offering a new solubilization service for Pharma and Biotech companies, in order to enhance bioavailability and solubility of existing and new drugs.
A new solubilization service, provided by Neowater, is a water-based nanotechnology, which has significant value-added in drug-delivery systems applications due to increased stability of compounds solvated by Neowater. Breakthrough nanotechnology, developed in Israel, modifies the physical properties of water molecules: each nanoparticle organizes the water molecules surrounding it.

Customers of Neowater receive a sterile, sealed vial with a maximum effective concentration, with Neowater replacing its organic solvents.solubilization service maintains active compound stability and enhances bioavailability; a superior physical environment created as a result of this process can easily be integrated into already existed or new drugs.