New Playstation Portable Review

by : sayed islam

After Sony promoted a newer version of the PlayStation Portable at E3 2007, the new PSP is finally available. For starters, it is significantly more durable than the original PSP. This was an enormous flaw with the initial PSP. If you did something as innocuous as exhale on the previous PSP, you would probably be asking Sony for a refund. Luckily, the lack of durability has been rectified with the newer version. Dropping the PSP on the ground will not result in a malfunction. I am not advocating throwing a brand new PSP into a minefield to test its toughness, but it is definitely more sturdy than the first PSP. The analog stick now has better responsiveness. A welcome addition is that the speakers and wi-fi switch are now moved to the top of the PSP. You can charge the PSP via a USB port. The Ram has been doubled; this makes load times immensely faster. There is also a much lighter and energy efficient battery that is 1200 amps. The original PSP has 2200 amps. The new PSP is 33 % lighter and 19 % slimmer than the original PSP, and it is much more user friendly. Another alteration to the PSP how it feels in your hands. There is a glistening chrome texture that makes it feel more extravagant. This definitely goes a long way, as this design reduces hand fatigue. Gamers will also notice a UMD button that allows you to open and close the UMD tray. The battery life is more than double what it used to be; moreover, the new PSP can run up to six hours without any difficulty. In addition, there is a headphone jack that is usable for headphones. My favorite feature with the PSP has to be the 480 i and 480 p video and audio output. This lets players enjoy PSP games and movies on their television! It is possible to see PSP games and movies in HD; provided, people have a high definition television. As incredible as the PSP is, it is not without its faults. One thing that comes to mind is the directional pad. It can get marginally slippery (especially if you have sweaty fingers) after playing for several hours straight. Something else that really irked me was the UMD slot. I found the UMD tray to be somewhat bothersome, and it is time consuming to put a UMD in the PSP. It appeared like Sony did not put much thought into implementing it. Overall, the PSP is more aesthetically pleasing than when the PSP first made its debut. The new PSP is more than just a pretty face. If people can overlook the fairly insignificant mishaps with the PSP, they will have an amusing gaming experience. Unlike the Apple iPhone, the new PSP has both style and substance.