Practical Applications for an Automatic Wire Stripper

by : Leaftech

There are many situations in which an automatic wire stripper will come in handy. In this article, we'll take a look at a couple of practical reasons for using automatic wire strippers.


One of the most practical uses for automatic wire strippers is the situation in which the person wishing to strip the wire is a novice at the job. Manual wire strippers can be wielded by experts in the same time as an automatic wire stripper can do the job, but for a person who is either new to the task or who only has a need for a wire cutter every once in a while, an automatic cutter will prove to be most beneficial.

Anybody who repeatedly strips wires will eventually acquire the touch necessary to greatly increase speed and precision, although it is not always in the best interests of the individual to use manual wire strippers. Electricians, mechanics, and other trades people find that a using a set of automatic wire strippers results in a more timely and precise job.

Repetitive tasks

Today's medical research is finding an ever-increasing link between repetitive motion and injuries to the body, particularly in the wrists, hands, and lower arms. A job that requires the constant stripping of wires will sooner or later begin to take its toll on the health of an individual, manifesting in soreness and possibly carpal tunnel syndrome. The use of automatic wire strippers will greatly reduce the risk of repetitive motion injury.

In addition, automatic wire cutters can be used to increase the number of tasks that can be done by those already suffering repetitive motion injuries. Switching to automatic wire cutters will mean that the chances of compounding the pain are minimized, thus more jobs can be undertaken. It's useful to know what kind of wire and what size you will be cutting before you purchase an automatic wire cutter, in order to avoid making extra work for yourself.

Automatic wire strippers should be in your toolbox if you are looking to minimize injuries and maximize efficiency.