Time-control Modular Devices

by : Eti d.d.

Electrical systems require the general usage of electronic master devices, controlling automated technology systems such as: manufacturing processes, lightings, heating, ventilation etc.

Especially wide use of this devices can be found in installations of so called "intelligent buildings".

In this year's Trade Fairs "ENERGETAB" 2002 in Bielsko-BiaBa - ETI Polam from PuBtusk introduced the new family of time-controlled modular devices. These devices are intended to be assembled in switch boxes on the mounting rail TH 35 or in the isolating box with installation switch. They have many operating functions and the possibility of very precise operating time settings.

The present article introduces technical properties and parameters of the new family of time-control devices, such as:

- Staircase light control device
- automatic twilight devices
- multifunction time-delayed device
- cyclical asymmetric relay
- impulse transmitters with memory
- multifunction impulse relay (for assembly in the installation box)
- impulse light de-creaser (for assembly in the installation box)
- digital time relay - the master clock