Pioneer Pdp-607xd Review

by : Scott James

No longer an easy decision to make, buying your new TV is now a major financial investment. When you are spending the equivalent of what you used to spend taking the entire family on holiday several years ago it would be wise to ensure any decision made is a wise one.

Given the way technology changes it is essential to try and make sure that your purchase is relatively future-proof.

Television over the years has taken a great number of forms from the old days of analogue Black and White, through the launch of colour television to the latest technologies known as Digital Television (DTT). There are a number of different ways to receive digital television. One of the oldest means of receiving DTV (and TV in general) is using an antenna (known as an aerial in some countries).

For the purposes of this article we want to take a look at purchasing a new Flat Screen Television and in this case the television in question is the Pioneer PDP-607XD.

The PDP-607XD is a 60in Plasma and the prices for these are around 6000 pounds sterling or 12000 US dollars. The resolution of the screen is 1365 x 768 and with regards to being HD Ready the answer is yes. The Pioneer has 3 (2 RGB) scarts and the type and number of Multimedia interfaces the PDP-607XD uses is HDMI and 2. The type of Tuner for this TV is Analogue and Digital and the Pioneer is available from limited outlets only.

All these points being taken into consideration, how would we view the Pioneer PDP-607XD?

First up, we would look at the picture quality and our score here would be 10 out of 10, and closely tied in to the picture quality is the sound quality and our score for this would be 10 out of 10. Another useful aspect to review is the availability and number of relevant connections and our score here would be 10 out of 10. With regards to the overall level of features, our view would be 10 out of 10 and the final individual verdicts would relate to the ease of use and overall value for money and our scores here would be, 8 out of 10 and 8 out of 10 respectively.

Taking everything into consideration our overall view of the package would be forget about going to the movies - its all here at home with this great Plasma offering from Pioneer. Awesome visuals, great sound and seriously for those who fancy having their own home cinema and have got the cash then you are made! The last point is worth bearing in mind on the value for money side of things. The only down side to this Plasma TV is the cost which is almost the equivalent of the annual GDP of some banana republic but there again, if you do have the cash and the tax man doesn't mind it would be churlish not to go for it.

With the wide range and variety of makes and models available for you to choose from it is unlikely that you will not find something to suite your taste or satisfy any budgetary constraints that you might have. You could either opt for one of the more cutting edge newer options available or stay safe and go for one of the more established options available. Either way we hope that by reading this short article you should have a slightly more informed view of the options available to you

With regards to the prices in this article we have tried in all cases to take an average across the industry from a number of well known web sites and so we ask you to bear this in mind and treat these prices as advisory only rather than absolutes.