Authorized Training Center Extends Lean Enterprise by Evs

by : Thomas Cutler

Few technology solutions were designed by industry sector experts within the process manufacturing arena and as a result many solutions do not focus on ROI; enterprise software should power businesses towards a Lean enterprise and that powerful technology drives long term ROI with customizable and flexible software.

Escape Velocity Systems (EVS) was formed in 2001 to combine specific industry knowledge related to process manufacturing, distribution, and ERP implementations with cutting edge software development. The company focus is to create tools that enable mid-market enterprises to achieve their goals, focusing on lean processes and ROI. According to President Evan Garber, "The new Escape Velocity Systems' Authorized Training Center offers many benefits to both process manufacturing clients and value-added resellers."

Here a few of the most important values available in the EVS Authorized Training Center:
&bullExperience consistent quality that is monitored by EVS
&bullReceive instruction that's based on courseware exclusively from EVS
&bullLearn from highly qualified and knowledgeable instructors who are the developers of the latest EVS technology
&bullUse dedicated workstations in the Boulder, CO state-of-the-art training facility
&bullReceive hands-on sample projects and exercises that emphasize real-world applications and challenges

EVS expertise is process manufacturing specific and their team of experts understands the nuances of the lean process manufacturing enterprise.

Escape Velocity Systems ( process (formula-based) manufacturing software solution, O2 was designed by experts in the sector, which includes food and beverage, meat processing, chemicals, and health and personal care products. There are two basic categories of manufacturing software, discrete and process. Discrete manufacturing systems are generally designed around a bill of material containing whole or discrete quantities of materials such as 1 axle, 2 tires, etc. Process manufacturing systems are driven by formulas such as 90% water, 5% flavoring, etc. Process manufacturers usually blend or mix materials rather than cutting, shaping, or assembling hard goods. Hybrid manufacturers combine process and discrete components. A good example would be a cosmetic company that mixes a batch of lip stick bulk and fills the bulk into a base container (process manufacturing), then assembles this into a finished product with a packaging and label bill of material (discrete manufacturing).

The term escape velocity refers to the speed that is necessary for an object to overcome gravity and soar into space. EVS provides direct applications for businesses looking for a catalyst, not just a software package. Process manufacturers require the best software solution coupled with industry experience that will accelerate the velocity with which they race towards their goals. The gravity of status-quo opposes aggressive, cutting edge organizations as they strive towards high quality and short lead time delivery while reducing inventories and operating costs. The new EVS Boulder-based Authorized Training Center is located at 2530 55th St., Suite 204, Boulder, CO 80301.