Broadband Sound

by : Neil Vinall

Broadband (shh) sound: The bbs-tek backalarm uses a pleasant broadband sound instead of the irritating single frequency sound of outmoded reversing alarms

The source of sound is instantly locatable. bbs-tek sound is directional, is localised in the danger zone and dissipates rapidly. As a result, No more complaints of noise pollution. No more disconnects by irritated drivers, Instant location of the reversing vehicle, no more head-spinning and confusion Broadband sound is known colloquially as "white sound".

is known colloquially as "white sound" or "white noise". The "white" description derives from white light which is composed of all the colours in the spectrum. White sound is, similarly, composed of all frequencies in the audio spectrum. White sound has the unique characteristic of its source being instantly locatable. White sound does not have to rely on high sound pressure (decibels) in order to be heard because, being multi-frequency, competing single frequencies cannot mask it.

As a result a white sound alarm is equally effective at lower decibels than outmoded single-frequency alarms causing far less noise pollution and being just as effective as a narrow band beeping alarm.