Formula-based Escape Velocity Systems | Alaska Brewing Company

by : Thomas Cutler

Evan Garber, President of Escape Velocity Systems ( recently announced that Alaskan Brewing Company selected the firm's process manufacturing software solution. Garber commented, "We are delighted to provide an historical brewery with the most powerful formula-based technology solution."

In 1986, the Alaskan Brewing Company became the 67th operating brewery in the United States and the only one in Alaska. Since that time, products have brought home more than 33 major medals and awards, including "Best Beer in the Nation" in the 1988 Great American Beer Festival Consumer Preference Poll.

The popularity of these beers has led to heroic efforts to keep up with the demand. The company claims the unofficial record for production on a 10 barrel brewing system, with a whopping 42 batches in a single week. The addition of a new, 100-barrel brewhouse in 1995, and a Sankey-type keg system installed the following year, finally made it possible to serve the entire Pacific Northwest and later the Desert Southwest.

Brewing beer in Alaska is not easy. In the coastal community of Juneau, without road connections to the lower 48 states, everything arrives and leaves by water or air, and the weather always has the last word. As the company continues to grow, they needed to find the best process manufacturing technology solution and concluded that Escape Velocity Systems was best able to address the unique formula-based requirements.

Escape Velocity Systems (EVS) was formed in 2001 to combine specific industry knowledge related to process manufacturing, distribution, and ERP implementations with cutting edge software development. The company focus is to create tools that enable mid-market enterprises to achieve their goals, focusing on lean processes and ROI. According Garber, "We realize that good ERP software is the hub of information in any process manufacturing enterprise. Timely, reliable, and centralized data are non-negotiable elements for businesses competing in the 21st century."

The term escape velocity refers to the speed that is necessary for an object to overcome gravity and soar into space. EVS provides direct applications for businesses looking for a catalyst, not just a software package. Process manufacturers require the best software solution coupled with industry experience that will accelerate the velocity with which they race towards their goals. The gravity of status-quo opposes aggressive, cutting edge organizations as they strive towards high quality and short lead time delivery while reducing inventories and operating costs.