Searching For The Right IT Support In London

by : Anna Stenning

When I used to work in the heart of Central London, some of the biggest companies were surprisingly behind on all of the IT software packages needed to keep a business running efficiently. Some companies pay extortionate prices for basic IT support in London, these kinds of support are worth being weary about as some services can try to dupe their customers into thinking there is a major problem with the PC, but it could just be a simple issue that requires very little work. Knowing which companies to approach can be difficult, especially if you are not IT savvy so there are few things to consider before approaching a support service.

Recent findings in America have witnessed on-call IT services making home visits and coming up with false diagnostics for the problems of some PC's. These companies were monitored and deliberately set-up to see which company gave the correct conclusion. Two out of the nine services that were called out had proved to be honest. The rest were quite worryingly false, which raised questions of just how much these larger businesses are paying for external IT support in London.

Technical support has evolved from just simple telephone calls to an integrated help desk, with India being the biggest in outsourcing strategic technical services. During my employment in Central London, my company had their own IT support department. I was always bound to have something wrong with my PC, therefore my name was very well known in IT services. It always used to amaze me how they would remote desktop into my PC and take complete control without even being present in the room. I would pretend that my PC was possessed, the whole process was very new to me at the time but most impressive. It made me realise how much IT support services has changed.

It is more common for larger companies to have their own in-house IT support department, especially if they are based in London. Getting external support continue to provide long-term support with a regular fee payment. Their services can vary; this can include onsite support, advice, training, Software selection, development and integration, telephone and remote access support. With these factors in mind, it is always best to research company services, installation support, and find out about client testimonials and view evidence of work carried out.

Prices of IT services can vary based on location. Each business is highly recommended on establishing an IT support service in order to improve their company service. Gaining a support contract will alleviate any hassle or stress for the company on keeping up-to-date and ensure customer satisfaction. Some technical support companies focus on just resolving problems with certain programmes, rather than providing training or customization. Depending on the size of your company, what is required for the staff and the kind of support needed, prices will vary. Therefore it always best to gain advice and conduct plenty of research before signing a support contract.