Evesham TV-930 Flat Screen TV Review : TV Review

by : Stephen Stewart

No longer an easy decision to make, buying your new TV is now a major financial investment. The idea of parting with what could be a couple of hundred notes does tend to concentrate the mind somewhat.

The way that technology changes so quickly nowadays you would be wise to consider carefully any investment and try and ensure that it remains compliant with all possible standards.

Television over the years has taken a great number of forms from the old days of analogue Black and White, through the launch of colour television to the latest technologies known as Digital Television (DTT). Introduced in the late 1990s, this technology appealed to the television broadcasting business and consumer electronics industries as offering new financial opportunities.

The purpose of this article is to take a look at what is on offer with the new generation of Flat Screen Televisions available and in this case the television in particular is the Evesham TV-930.

The TV-930 is a 9.6in LCD TV and these TV's at present can be found in the region of 123 pounds sterling or 246 US dollars. The resolution of the screen is 640 X 480 and with regards to being HD Ready the answer is no. The Evesham has no scart connections scarts and the type and number of Multimedia interfaces the TV-930 uses is HDMI and no connections are available. The type of Tuner for this TV is Analogue and the Evesham is available from specialised outlets only.

So how would we rate the Evesham TV-930?

First up, we would look at the picture quality and our score here would be 4, and for the sound quality we would rate it at 6. With regards to the availability and number of relevant connections, our score would be 4. If we take a look at the overall "featureability" our score would be 4 and for ease of use and overall value for money we would give it, 8 and 6 respectively.

Taking everything into consideration our overall view of the package would be that the problem that we would have with this micro TV is that technically there are too many operational flaws for us to give this the thumbs up.

The fact is that given the wide variety of models and makes available today you should find something that suites your needs as well as your wallet. The choice, as they say, is completely down to you to decide whether to stay at the forefront of what are rapidly changing technologies and fashion or to remain part of the safer but perhaps better developed mainstream. We hope that after reading this article you will find yourself better informed and as such it will mean that really it will not matter which rout you take.

Please bear in mind the prices that are quoted in this article and take note that they are there purely for illustration and though valid at the time of the writing of the article may vary from time to time and also depending on the time of year when you make your purchase.