Florida Lemon Law - Power To You

by : Kevin Bishop

If you have had the misfortune to buy a 'lemon', but are residing in the state of Florida, you are in for luck, as the Florida Lemon Law is a veritable law that can protect you. Now for the newly initiated, 'lemons' are products that have a recurrent mechanical problem or fault that cannot be repaired, usually within the warranty period or if the problem persists even after several repairs. There are different lemon laws in the various states in the US so it is always advisable that the consumers check out the details.

What you need to know

In case of vehicles the Florida Lemon Law can be applied only for new ones, no used vehicle fall under its purview. The new vehicle however could be used for family, household or personal purposes. Or it could be a vehicle that has been leased to you for a period of more than a year with a written document indicating that the lessee is assigned for all mending. In special cases, vehicles that are demonstrators but are sold with a manufacture's guarantee also fall in this category.

Moreover, if the vehicle changes ownership within the first 2 years after its delivery to the initial customer, with both the customers having used it for household, personal or for family purposes, the end customer to whom the vehicle is transferred is also covered under the law.

When you buy or lease out a vehicle in the state of Florida you get the "Consumer Guide to the Florida Lemon Law". This document gives you vital information regarding your rights as a consumer, offer solutions to problems, a form that you can use to inform the manufacturer about serious faults and also gives you a toll free number that is the Lemon Law Hotline.

Finally, always remember you may be compensated for any defect or situation that may hamper the value, use or safety of your vehicle. However, if the defect or problem arises from the manhandling or modification of the vehicle by anyone other than the manufacture's service agent or has occurred due to an accident then it is not covered.

Vehicles that do not fall under the ambit of the Florida lemon law

If you possess any of the following you are not entitled to any protection from the Florida Lemon law:

- Motorcycles or mopeds
- Trucks that cross the ten thousand pounds gross weight limit
- Vehicles bought for reselling
- Living amenities of recreational automobiles
- Vehicles that run on tracks only
- Off-road vehicles

Final reminders

The defects that plague your vehicle must be reported to the manufacturer within the "Lemon Law Rights Period", which is usually within the first 2 years after the delivery date. Time is of essence here as if you delay in reporting then you may lose out on many things including a purchase price refund or a replacement vehicle.

Make sure you keep records of all the repair and maintenance bills and also a repair order in written form obtained from the dealer for each repair. This also includes recording the time and date of the whole repair period. Recording the Odometer mileage is also essential along with a thorough knowledge about Technical Service Bulletins about your car.

Last but not the least and the most important thing of all is to get hold of a lawyer who specializes in Florida Lemon law.