Safety Measures to be Observed While Using Cheap Bb Guns

by : Muna wa Wanjiru

BB gun belongs to the category of air guns. They are specifically designed to fire at spherical projectiles. They are called as BBs named after the birdshot pellet which of the same size approximately. These guns are generally used for bird hunting but they can also be pointed. The modern BB guns have a smoothbore barrel. Its caliber and bore diameter are 4.5mm. These guns are made up of steel and plated with copper and zinc to resist corrosion. It measures 0.171 to 0.173 inches in diameter. Lead BB guns of larger diameter are also manufactured. These are used in rifled bb gun barrels. The plastic recreation of bb guns is also manufactured by some Asian companies.

Safety measures wile using BB guns

Extreme care must be taken while handling the BB gun and it should not be fired at other people. Cheap and simple BB guns are available for sale at Wal-Mart. These guns have a capacity to fire over 1000 fps. BB guns are different than airsoft guns. The airsoft guns are not harmful to humans. A lead .177 fired at or above 600 fps can pierce skin and possibly fatal if fired in an improper manner. Steel BBs are also prone to ricochet off the hard surfaces such as concrete or brick. Protecting eyes while firing from a BB gun is not essential but a safety precaution is recommended. While shooting lead pellets safety measures should be taken as a bouncing BB retains a large portion of its initial energy. This can cause damage to the eyes very easily and can lead to blindness.


The initials BB stand for ball bearing. The BB sized lead shotgun shot is originally used in the BB guns. It is an intermediate between B and BBB size. BB shots vary considerably in its size due to high tolerance levels allowed for the use of shotgun shell.


Any operating mechanisms used for air guns can be used by BB guns also. The accuracy and the range of the BB gun are limited therefore less expensive and simple mechanisms are used.

It is commonly observed nowadays that the BB guns make use of magnets for their loading mechanisms. The bore size of the BB can be hardly swaged. Thus the magnets are often used to hold BB at the rear of the barrel. If the BB is held at a downward angle then the BB will simply roll out. The spring piston type of BB guns is still the most common and traditional powerplant. They are usually patterned after a pump action shotgun or a lever action rifle.