Upright Vacuum Cleaners Have Many Merits

by : Dave Roth

Not all vacuum cleaners are created equal, and this is especially true of the canister and upright models of vacuum cleaners. Most people think that canister vacuums are a thing of the past, and that uprights have taken their place. That is not entirely true, however. The canister vacuum cleaner is generally used today by individuals with hard flooring and area rugs in their homes, as well as draperies and upholstery which needs to be cleaned. These kinds of vacuum cleaners are the best choice for these surfaces. The upright vacuum cleaner, however, is the more popular style, especially for those people who have wall to wall carpet, as many people do.

Not all homes have this carpet, of course, but most homes have carpeting in at least some of their rooms. Quite often, carpeting is found in the bedrooms, and frequently in the living room or den, as well. For people who have wall to wall carpeting or several carpeted areas, an upright vacuum cleaner is the right choice. First, upright vacuum cleaners have more suction power than do canister vacuum cleaners. Their motors are stronger, their cleaning paths are wider, and they are basically more durable. They are not made for delicate work, and they are designed to perform in the face of pet hair, dirt, grime, debris, and all kinds of vacuuming conditions.

They cannot withstand wet surfaces, but they are the best choice for carpet, regardless of the length of the pile or the overall condition. The upright vacuum is the one chosen by most people, and it is also the one most commonly sold in retail chain stores. There are also some companies which make upright vacuum cleaners which are very expensive, and these brands are sold door to door or through specialized shops. A person cannot walk into a standard retail store and purchase one. In addition to its durability and suction power, the upright vacuum cleaner also offers choices and attachments. There are many different colors, models, brands, and styles. A person can also get different motor sizes and cleaning paths. In addition, what type of filtration is offered and the kind of containment system ? bagged or bagless ? are other considerations for those who are going to buy an upright vacuum cleaner.

People who purchase an upright vacuum cleaner are also often interested in the attachments that the vacuum cleaner offers. Most have a longer wand that can be used between couch cushions and in small areas that are difficult to reach. They also have a brush attachment to better pick up hair and lint, and they often contain other attachments that can be used on curtains and furniture. For very delicate fabrics, though, the upright vacuum cleaner is not recommended, because it can damage them with its powerful suction. Overall, however, the upright vacuum cleaner is a very good choice for most homeowners. For those people who are worried about the weight of an upright vacuum cleaner, self-propelled models and lighter weight models are also readily available, and the warranties are usually very good.