The Benefits of Blu-ray in Playstation 3 Games

by : IC

If you have followed the recent development in the entertainment industry, especially video and games, you then know that times are changing yet once again. There was a time when the latest technology in video was called Beta (Betamax) which was replaced by VHS which in term was upgraded to digital video in the form of DVD. This last format is not only used as a standard by the video industry but by the computer and gaming industry as well.

The main advantage of DVD over VHS and tapes is that the data can be stored for years without suffering any distortion, the storage capacity is greater and the video quality improved tremendously. When it comes to data storage, DVD discs come in 4.7GB versions for a single layer disc and 9GB for dual layers which increases the amount of data that can be recorded on a single disc. Current Playstation 3 games use the DVD technology in order to offer better graphics in extremely complex games, however a new format has emerged which is changing the way digital (HD) video and games are recorded. The two formats which are considered the upgrade of DVD discs are HD-DVD and Blu-Ray. Companies which manufacture video players and data readers have recently adopted the Blu-Ray format as the new standard.

Blu-Ray offers many benefits over DVD, for instance a dual layer DVD can hold up to 9GB of data, Blu-Ray on the other hand can hold 25GB per layer! that means that a single layer Blu-ray disk can hold almost 3 times more information than the largest DVD disc (9GB dual layer) and the dual layer blu-Ray disc can hold up to 50GB of information! such numbers are truly impressive for a single disc; but that's not all, this new format is truly "future proof" since it has support for multiple layers which can enable a single disk to hold between 100-200GB

So what do these facts and numbers mean to the PS3 gaming community? Simple, if you liked the video resolution in PS3 games which are currently designed and distributed on DVD, then just imagine playing the same game in high definition with improved digital sound and bigger worlds. 50GB discs can improve a game in every aspect as much as 5.5 times and a 200GB disc can hold information for an incredibly huge game which could be as much as 22 times better than the current DVD based PS3 version.

As you see, this type of technology is literally changing the way games are made and movies recorded. Blu-ray technology allows movie makers to include every single detail of their production and still have plenty of space to include extra footage. Game designers and programmers will also enjoy the benefits of having nearly unlimited space with discs which are extremely flexible in terms of storage capacity (25-50-100-200GB) Playstation 3 games and the technology associated with it is relatively new so you can expect future versions to use the Blu-Ray technology to its full capacity in order to deliver HD graphics and take your favorite games to a whole new level.