Finding A Personal Injury Attorney

by : David Walters

We have all seen the various commercials on television for personal injury attorneys that want you to contact them when you are in an accident and need a consultation. Before retaining anyone, you should investigate the reputation of the attorney to make sure he/she will work hard for you.

Asking another attorney that you know for a recommendation is a good idea. Even though he/she may not specialize in personal injury cases, odds are he/she will know someone who does. Although some do fit the stigma of the ambulance chaser that helps clients get money for fake injuries, many are still reputable personal injury attorneys and you want to find that right one. Once you have a recommendation, it is still a good idea to ask specific questions at your first consultation meeting. Many offer the first meeting for free so that you have the opportunity to make up your mind on who to hire.

One thing you should look for in this meeting is attentiveness to your case. The attorney should answer your questions willingly. If he/she does not seem responsive or doesn't seem very informed when answering the question, you will probably want to keep looking. If an attorney does not seem motivated in the beginning, it may only get worse as the case continues, and you want someone who is going to work hard to get the answers and results that favor you.

You also want to clarify the fees schedule at the initial meeting. Each attorney has a different method for charging. If they take a percentage of your winning judgment, they may work harder to get that better, favorable judgment. If they charge by the hour, you will need to watch carefully as these add up fast. Don't feel bad for shopping around for the best rates among those that have been recommended to you.

You may want to consult one of the personal injury attorneys you have seen on television since their ads seem so appealing. Be aware that although they may be more experienced in such cases, they will probably also be much busier than those who do not advertise on TV. With a large caseload, they may not be able to give you the personal attention that you need even if they do claim to be able to win a sizable judgment for you.

As you are healing from your accident, the last thing you want is pain from searching for the right personal injury attorney. Remember to use that free consultation to help you decide which attorney is right for you. If you can't find recommendations, search the Internet and the phone book for local personal injury attorneys. Without recommendations you may have to interview more to determine which one to hire, but make sure that you are comfortable with whoever you choose so that your case will go as smoothly as possible.