Registry Cleaner Vs Spyware Detection Program

by : Sherman Choo

What is the difference between a Registry Cleaner versus a Spyware Detection program?

1.Spyware detection program detect applications that cause unwanted symptons to appear on your computer. Such activity include the following:

* Hackers gaining control over your computer.
Malicious programs installed on your computer often disguised as Trojans can allow users to gain remote access to your computer. When that happens, sensitive data on your computer will become accessible to prying eyes that search your computer for confidential information such as credit card details, bank account numbers, social security number etc.

* Unwanted Pop ups and advertisements.
Trojans will allow 3rd party advertisements to pop up on your browser whenever you log on to surf the internet. Trojan Vundo is one such trojan. This trojan has multi variants and is not easily removed by conventional anti virus programs, that's when you need to use a specialised trojan remover that has a constantly updated database of mutated trojans. By having an updated database, you will be able to protect your PC from the latest infection outbreaks.

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2. Registry Cleaner programs are used to tune up your registry so that unwanted or obsolete data are removed from your computer.

* Speed Increase
Over time, we tend to install toolbars, games, start up programs. Unecessary programs serve to slow our computer down because even though we're not using them, these applications can load in the background and siphon off precious CPU resources.

* Fixing a corrupt registry
Sometimes, you may delete a file by accident and an error message pops up everytime you reboot your computer, telling you that a program cannot be run because a file is missing. When certain files go missing because you deleted them be accident, a registry cleaner can help solve the problem. Rather then figure out what "windows.dll is missing means" a registry cleaner program, then reboot your PC.

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