A Solution for Saving Fuel

by : Bud Weiss

With fuel prices on the rise, saving fuel is again a top priority. If you drive and have more the one vehicle, higher fuel prices are taking a bigger bite out of your budget. But what's unnerving about this round of increasingly higher fuel prices is it isn't showing signs of stabilizing, and who knows when it is going to level off

If you're already feeling the pinch of higher fuel prices, that pinch is certain to become more painful. So what are your options?

Time and again you hear that reducing the amount of miles you drive is an easy way of saving fuel. Yea right! With a daily round-trip commute to your full-time job and all the day-to-day errands to handle, it's unlikely you can limit the number of trips to the fuel pump. Driving less sounds good in theory but in reality, it's not always practical advice. Plus all the fuel being is being used up by people who jumped the border.

Something that is within your control is optimizing your car's performance. You've probably even taken some fuel saver steps such as ensuring your tires are properly inflated, replacing dirty air filters, making fewer stops, and removing excess weight from your vehicle. But have you noticed that big a change in the fuel prices you pay as a result? Probably not.

Filling up using alternative fuel sounds promising and it sounds like the perfect solution but again, there's a small but significant problem. Alternative fuel isn't readily available! There probably aren't even any fuel pumps in your neighborhood dispensing alternative fuel.

And the same goes for using fuel cells to power alternative fuel vehicles. It's an idea that promises results, but it's just beginning to catch on. Fuel cells are expensive to produce and although the fuel cell has been around 150+ years, the technology involved in using a fuel cell as a way of saving fuel is still in its infancy.

So what can you do right NOW?

If you're serious about saving fuel (and who isn't?) all you need to do is add a tested and proven fuel additive into your vehicle's tank every time you visit the fuel pump. It doesn't matter what you drive - car, truck, SUV, or diesel. By doing this you'll get more miles out of every gallon you pump! Now that's simple. And it's smart. And it's something you can do today.

Several fuel saver additives are currently available but some aren't living up to their promises. So look for a product that states right on the label that it's registered with the US EPA. The product does not have to be tested, just registered.

Then look for a fuel additive that does double-duty. In other words, while you're saving fuel, you may as well do your part to save the environment! It's easy when you use a fuel additive that works to reduce vehicle emissions. Nowadays it's more important than ever to do what you can to reduce your impact on the environment. And what could be easier than using a fuel additive?

So stop complaining about ever-increasing fuel prices and start saving fuel (and the environment) with a proven fuel additive. It really is a simple solution!

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