Loc8tor - Mobile Phone and Keyfinder

by : Find-me-a-gift

The Loc8tor Plus - Mobile Phone & Key Finder makes looking after your precious possessions effortless! Loc8tor is the essential invention for modern hectic lives - tired of losing everything that's precious and valuable? Get locked into the Loc8tor craze and get smug security for life!

By tagging your possessions with the devices included, you'll be instantly alerted when you're straying out of reach! With the three fabulous Loc8tor Mini Homing Tags included, you'll be able to tag even more items to recover them or simply stop them getting mislaid in the first place!

With a crucial red PANIC alert button, the Loc8tor Plus - Mobile Phone & Key Finder is by far the safest gadget around! Tag your wallet, tag your keys, tag your friends, tag your other half! Get ultimate reassurance with the Loc8tor - Mobile Phone & Key Finder!
Imagine having the peace-of-mind to be able to know exactly where every item you truly love and can't live without is - forever! Your keys, wallet, mobile phone, cat, child and remote control can all be tagged using the wonderfully helpful Loc8tor - Mobile Phone & Key Finder!

We've all had that nauseous feeling when we think we've left a set of keys, wallet or small child behind in the supermarket - no matter how many times you check under the sofa or in your shirt pocket, sometimes we just have to acceptingly send items off to the mysterious land of disappearance!
The Loc8tor - Mobile Phone & Key Finder includes two Mini Homing Tags; you'd think you could only tag two items right? Wrong! On each convenient Loc8tor Homing Tag you can tag up to 24 items! Now that's 24 reasons already why you need to purchase!
The terrific thing about Loc8tors are that you can literally tag anything - whether you've a dog who likes to wander, an important briefcase that bizarrely vanishes at crucial times or simply want to stop the search party you put out for your keys each morning, simply tag, relax then track those missing items when they go a' wandering!
So no more searching round in circles for the remote, checking every nook and cranny for your keys or worrying about the whereabouts of your little one, the Loc8tor - Mobile Phone & Key Finder is here to save the day! Purchase today and never go spare or lose your sanity worrying again!

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