How to Get Rid of Trojan Vundo

by : Sherman Choo

Trojan Vundo is a trojan horse that disguises itself as a .exe program. You may have downloaded it from MIRC, email attachment, or a program that looked like another you were searching for. Once the .exe file is executed, you would have installed this trojan

The following symptom will be displayed on your computer:

You will experience multiple pop up advertisements on your Internet Explorer browser every time you surf the web. The reason you know it is Trojan Vundo probably is because your current anti virus detected it. I was running Norton which detected the trojan on my computer but was unable to quarantine or delete the file.

Norton is the standard for PC protection for most computers and I can't say exactly why it was able to detect but not remove Trojan Vundo, even after each reboot.

Trojan Vundo has many variants and one needs an updated trojan database that is able to detect and remove the newest signatures. Some forums suggest a manual way of accessing the computer's trojan scan log, but that might be too technical. I was looking for a way to remove Trojan Vundo using a simple Trojan Removal Software.

So what I did was to get the latest Trojan Removal tool in the market that also offered live technical support in case the pop ups continued. So if you have Trojan Vundo on your computer and your current anti virus tool is not working, you may need to use a focused trojan removal tool to resolve your problem.