Halo 2: Best First Person Shooter on the Xbox

by : sayed islam

Halo 2 was released in November 2004, and it was a follow up game to the blockbuster smash hit Halo. The storyline in Halo 2 transpires after the events of the original Halo. There is a war between the Covenant and the humans (led by Master Chief). A good chunk of the plot was told via the covenant perspective. This provided a good change of pace from the Master Chief perspective presented in Halo. Since I recently reviewed Halo 3, I do want to bore anyone with the Halo 2 synopsis. Furthermore, I am not going to go into too much intricate detail about Halo 2. Here is Halo 2 in a nutshell.


Gameplay (Halo 2 had dual wielding, hijacking vehicles, new weapons)
Audio (Halo 2 had brilliant music and voice acting)
Multiplayer (Halo 2 was the most engrossing Xbox Live game available when Halo 2 made its debut)
Storyline (Halo 2 had a plot that was better than the original Halo, and shed some light on the Arbiter)


Graphics (Halo 2's visuals are not up to par with other Xbox video games)
Length (Only a ten hour game)

The multiplayer added a great deal of replay value to the game. Overall, Halo 2 was a game that definitely was the best first person shooter on the Xbox.