Moister and Your Cellphone

by : Jim Corkern

No, all those individuals you might see walking down the street, cruising in their cars, or shopping for groceries slowly pushing their buggies are not murmuring to themselves. They are likely on their cell phone. It seems anywhere you may be, people are either using their cell phone headset or holding a cell phone in their hand. The senior individuals appear to love the technology and fun of cell phones just like the younger people.

The more modern cell phone combinations have become a huge part of our daily routine. They have photo options in them, address book, internet connections for emails, and text messaging and double as an ipod. Those who are addicted cell phone carriers can be nearly devastated if their cell phone has no reception, gets stolen or destroyed. It could appear ridiculous to many, but if you are someone who is really dependent on your cell phone, these difficulties are not a funny position to be in.

A water accident is one of the worst nightmares for cell phone owners. Most of the time the cell phones guarantee will not include water damage. This is bad enough, but the real result is losing all the important files that could be stored in them. It is so discouraging to have to get a new phone, paid for out of your own pocket, and then go through the time consuming process of redoing all the information it had.

Quite a few of those water saturated phones get put in the garbage because owners can believe since it was wet that it is most likely destroyed and impossible to fix. Now if it was wet by coke or some other sticky mess, it could be ruined. If it was simply water, there may be hope. Occasionally, if you just do not mess with it and give it a little time to dry out entirely they will work fine.

If this will not get the phone to work, it can still have a chance to be restored. There are repair services available now that could fix your water logged phones and in many situations might return your information also. This could cost you a certain amount of money to have done, but depending on the price of a combination phone that can do a variety of things, the restoration amount might still be more cost efficient than replacing the phone. So if your cell phone undergoes an unexpected dunking, just try to be smart and see if it restores itself. When it has dried out and still will not work send it to a cell phone paramedic for CPR, cell phone resuscitation.