Cell Phone Accessories - Check Them Out

by : Martin Smith

Accessories such a coat, purse, or shoes can either complete ordress up an outfit. Cell phones have almost as many accessoriesas Barbie does. Accessories can be practical, ornamental, orjust available. In the cell phone world there are practicalaccessories that help you to operate the phone safely and thosethat allow you to carry it safely.

Some, like downloadable ring tones, are there for you if youwant them. I have put accessories into groups to make themeasier to describe. There are operational accessories thatinclude battery chargers. Chargers are phone and model specificso that they are not interchangeable.

Hands free kits can be bought that are easily installed in yourvehicle. These will let you talk on the phone and keep yourhands on the wheel. The signal between your phone and cell towercan be strengthened with the use of antenna boosters. Wherethere are weak cell phone signals these are really good.

There are specific batteries from your cell phone¡¯smanufacturer and for your specific cell phone. Until you canrecharge your cell phone battery there is an attachment thatwill your weak battery a boost. There are speaker phone kits.Rather than drive with one hand and hold the phone with other,these attachments let you talk on the phone and keep your handson the wheel.

Place dashboard mountable holders well within arms reach. Thereare a number of styles of cases and holders. The eyeglass caseand horizontal case are alike. Pocket eyeglass cases are similarto vertical cases. Cell phone holsters can be worn across yourshoulder like a policeman or on your belt.

Wear multi-use cases on your arm, your wrist, or your thigh. Notonly will these cases hold your cell but they will hold yourlicense and a few dollars. These types of cases will hold yourcell, your license, and a few bucks. These cases hold your cellphone, your license, and maybe a few bucks.

Velcro(tm) are generally found on these cases. You can findaccessories for your cell that are technical in nature. Internalaccessories include downloadable ring tones and games to helpyou pass the time while you are waiting. These ring tones caninclude holiday songs, the traditional ring, or The William TellOverture.

Cell phones are little computers that are internet ready,organizers, calendars, note recorders, and to do lists; they areno longer just phones. They now have phone directories,recordings of missed calls so you can return calls later, andthey record the identity of callers.

There are antenna boosters that strengthen signals and radiationshields to reduce radiation exposure. Cell phone accessoriesinclude covers and face plates. There are front and back piecesto phone covers.

Face plates, some with designs, go over the keypad and the frontof the phone. Cell phone accessories include very cute plushanimal covers. They are both functional and cute, and the phonegoes in the back of the animal. The animal acts as a cushion forthe phone in case its ever dropped.

Prices of cell phone accessories and cell phones can vary. Mostaccessories are optional and some are simply fun. It isimportant to remember that not all cell phone accessories areinterchangeable. You should learn all about your cell phone andhow it operates.