Cell Phone Replacement Batteries

by : Kevin Stith

All most everyone can afford a cell phone. As a matter of fact, it is common practice to upgrade your phone before it needs repairs or the battery needs to be replaced. With all the newer models and high tech accessories, it's no wonder that your cell phone keeps changing with the times.

However, there are individuals who wish to keep the phone they have and replace parts when necessary. These replacement parts are available at manufacturer outlets. Manufacturers always keep a supply of spare replacement batteries compatible with the models they are selling. Even if you own an older model, you can usually find a replacement battery through the manufacturer of the phone.

Make sure that the replacement battery you are buying fits the model of the phone that you have. Used in the right manner, a phone battery can last quite long without problems. However, if the replacement battery is counterfeit, it could lead to all kinds of problems including overcharging, overheating and leaking. There have been instances where cell phones blew up because of leakage in the battery. All manufacturer batteries are sealed and come equipped with safety devices that prevent the battery from over charging. Most counterfeit cell phone batteries do not have this device fitted into their circuitry and cannot detect when the battery overcharges. Overcharging the battery might lead to overheating the circuit setting fit into the phone. If the circuit board fuses out, it could destroy the cell phone.

Although the low price of a counterfeit battery sounds tempting, in the long run it is much more economical and safer to go with a battery manufactured by the cell phone company. You can find replacement batteries at most electronic stores, or you can go online to the manufacturer.