Cell Phone Battery Life

by : Kevin Stith

Cell phones are available in a wide range of models and styles. Price ranges varying, making them affordable to practically everyone. Even the most basic models have certain unique features that depend on the manufacturer and make of the phone. More and more models have features such as Internet connection, digital camera, and wide display for viewing video. Cell phones are definitely an important accessory that makes life's fast, always on the go pace, easier to deal with.

Cell phones might be easy to use but might prove to be dangerous if not properly taken care of. Batteries play a major role in operating a cell phone. All cell phones come equipped with a battery manufactured to suit that particular model or make. Although batteries manufactured by a particular company can fit into any model manufactured by the same company, interchanging is not a good idea, as it could dangerous if the fit is not perfect for that model.

A genuine cell phone battery can be recharged a number of times. If the phone is not used frequently, then the battery should last for three years or more. The life of a battery depends on the usage. However, other conditions also matter when dealing with a battery.

With lithium ion and nickel cadmium batteries, it is a good idea to charge the battery when it is extremely low (almost dead). This increases the life of a battery, as well as ensures that the battery is "clean" before being recharged again.

Keeping the cell phone in places with extreme weather conditions might result in the circuit and the battery melting, freezing or leaking. Leaving the phone in the hot sun might result in the circuit fusing out or the battery melting inside the phone.

Using a genuine battery is always a good idea, because they are fitted with a detector to keep the level of charge correct. Overcharging is a rare event as the phone has an alert that beeps when the phone is fully charged. Overcharging might result in overheating, resulting in leakage or overflow of charge.

Taking good care of a battery is essential to avoid problems. Cell phones are a must, so a bit of care will ensure that they are in good condition at all times.