Identity Theft Repair - How to Fix the Damage

by : Steve Jenkins

Identity theft is an ever increasing problem in our modern society. So much information is readily available and only too easy for unscroupulous people to obtain. Identity theft sometimes be a relatively minor hassel, like some opening a cell phone account in your name and running up a bill until the collection agency starts calling you about it. But it can also be a completely devastating, life altering event. Costing thousands of dollars to repair the damage not to mention the stress and emotional suffering caused by someone wiping out your bank account and racking up thousands upon thousands of dollars in debt that happens to be in your name.

The best way to stop identity theft is to prevent it from happening in the first place. But what can you do if you've already been the victim of identity theft? The first thing to do is to file a police report. By filing a police report you're starting a paper trail of your efforts to fix the problem and that is important because when you're trying to apply for new credit or loans etc. you will want proof that all of the overdue bills and accounts in collection do not belong to you and that you are doing everything you can to fix the problem.

If your credit cards or card numbers have been stolen or misused you can call your credit card company to notify them of the fraudulent activity and they will reverse the charges and send you an affidavit of fraud that you must fill out, sign, and return. This also becomes part of the paper trail or proof that you're not responsible for the fraudulent activity and shows your identity theft repair efforts.

For some of the more serious cases of identity theft, like someone draining your bank account or taking out huge loans in your name, you will definitely want to get the police involved immediately and I would reccommend that you find an attourney with experience in whatever issue you happen to be dealing with. There are a lot of things that you can handle on your own but for some of the more serious cases you will certainly require the help of qualified professionals.

More and more people are being victimized by these devious criminals. Prevention is the best way to stop these unsavory characters from stealing from you so I urge you to do some more research on prevention. Like most everything in nature, a thief will generally choose the path of least resistance. So if you can make yourself difficult to steal from, thieves will usually move on to easier prey.