General Resume Cover Letter Guide

by : Aseriah Jordan

When you are writing a cover letter you have to keep in mind that itis an introduction to your resume and you are trying to get theemployer to give you a call for an interview. Here are the main thingsyou need to include in a Cover letter.

First off, you need to begin a cover letter with the correctinformation of the person doing the hiring. This would include theirname, specific title, company name and complete address. For example:

April 13,2008 Mr. John Doe HR manager Acme Company 123 Happy street City, State 90210

Once you have the correct information for the cover letter headingyou move into the Greeting of the Cover letter. This part is exactlywhat it means-a salutation or greeting to the person responsible formaking the hiring decision. For Example.

Dear Mr. John Doe:

The first paragraph you write should accomplish two goals: make aconnection and grab attention. Here is where you tell the employerwhere you heard about the open position, by doing so you are making aconnection. You are also providing feedback, since they like to knowwhat marketing method worked. For Example.

I am responding to the graphic designer position advertised in the Chicago Tribune.

By the way, this is one of the only times you start off a paragraphwith "I" the cover letter is specifically tailored to the reader, soyou use "you,""your," and "you're" as much as possible. Next isgrabbing the employer's Attention. Not surprisingly, one of the bestways to grab an employer's attention is by complimenting their company.So you try a bit of strategic personal flattery...

I understand your company is a pioneer in the direct mail marketing industry.

Not only are you tooting their horn, you're showing him that you didyour homework on the company. The body of the cover letter is where youget downright ruthless...because you're going to convince the employerthat you're a perfect fit for their company. In the body you willanswer the questions that the employer will have about you.

"Why should I hire You?"

"What makes you stand out from all the rest?"

By answering these questions, you talk about how your strong,related skills qualify you for the position. Keep in mind that youshould highlight the skills and capabilities that are most important tothe employer. By doing so, the body becomes an interest builder. Itinduces the employer to look at your resume to learn even more aboutyour qualifications.

Now that you have sold yourself to the employer, you need them to dosomething about it. The close of the cover letter is where you get theemployer to make a call of action. Here is an example.

At your convenience, I look forward to speaking with you earlynext week. I am available for interviews Monday through Friday between3:30 and 6:30 p.m.

That's it. Powerful... Simple... and straight to the point.

The appropriate way to end the letter is with a "Sincerely,""Sincerely Yours," or "Yours Truly," Don't sound like you are desperateand don't try to get cute or creative. Well, there you have it That ishow you should write a resume cover letter.

In Summary

If you payed close attention, it really isn't that hard to write aneffective resume cover letter. A very good note to remember is to keepthe cover letter to one page, anything more than that you should trimthe fat off. Good Luck in your Job Search!

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