The Magic of Marketing Momentum

by : Kathleen Poole

A very surprising thing happens just about every time I sit down to work on my marketing plan, call a prospective client, mail a few thank-you notes to current clients, or take any other marketing-related action -- even if it’s just to conjure up some new marketing strategies. Whenever I have a true intention to market, the Universe responds by opening a door. A client I haven’t heard from in a while asks me to do a big assignment. I find out that my pitch to a big company has paid off, and my contact is ready to sign a contract. Or I get an out-of-the-blue call that brings me glad tidings of great joy and prosperity (that is, the caller has never talked to me before but knows about my work and implores me with all sincerity to do a project in just two weeks, adding, of course, that the company will happily give me 150 percent of my usual fee … all in advance!)That last scenario doesn’t happen very often (well, okay, it happened just twice), but other “door openings" are very common. These door openings tell me that just having the intention to market is often enough to start or increase the flow of abundance in my life. I am rewarded for making the effort and being willing.

However, I know I can’t fool myself, much less the Universe: My intention must be honest. It’s not enough to simply think about the fact that I need to do some marketing. I must intend to actually do some marketing very soon -- usually that day. In many cases my intention registers only after I put myself into marketing mode by doing some definitive action, such as making a list of people who are due for follow ups, working on my web site or simply reading a book filled with marketing ideas that rev up my enthusiasm and creativity. Then the doors of opportunity open.

I call these door openings the “magic of marketing momentumFree Articles," but that doesn’t mean you can rely on magic alone. Intention is the key you must put into the lock. Action is the process of turning the key and opening the door. What’s inside? Opportunity and prosperity. Enjoy!