Poem of the Sky

by : Kathryn Lim

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The sky is blue and the clouds are pure
I ask God
Release my soul
Let me seek not other's approval nor acceptance
But to experience your sweetness and grace in the beauty of your presence

May I drink the holiness of your splendor
And taste the freshness of your breathe
Relea se and relieve my passion
Truly I witness the beauty and art
Of silence and solitude within once again

Your love touched my feet and washed me clean
My soul renourishes itself in your awesome unfathomable depth of love
Burn my impurities in my heart away with the intense heat of the sun
Let me see the glory and beauty of all other beings around me

Teach me patience teach me love
Teach me that failures are inevitable in life yet a must to success
Give me courage Give me joy
That I may continue to dwell in your Highness
That I will continue pursue myself to greater depth
To unlock the gift within the gifts
That innate truth power within me "