How To Write A Passionate Love Letter

by : Bercle George

One of the most romantic, creative and inexpensive gifts you can give your partner this Valentine's Day is a heartfelt love letter, written from the bottom of your heart! It is often said that Language is the poetry of the soul. When you wish to speak of your love for that one special person, what other better way to do so than by speaking out your heart on perfumed paper, and sealed with a kiss? You don't need to be a poet or author to write a romantic love letter.

Sometimes sent in the mail, and increasingly by electronic mail, the letter may be anything from a short and simple message of love to a lengthy explanation of feelings. One would use pigeons for the purpose, or simply send it through a trusted friend. Today too, a love letter is rated as one of the topmost ways of saying I Love You.

This may allow feelings to be more easily expressed than if the writer were in the beloved's presence. Your mate will be grateful that you took the time to express yourself for no special reason. Your beloved will be so touched that you put in the extra effort to create something they could proudly display on the wall.

Some Tips For Love Letter Writing:

- Don't make promises you can't keep and don't write anything you may regret later.
- Never write an anonymous letter.
- It won't matter to your lover if your letter love writing skills are not up to par; he/she will see the thought.
- Think about why you're writing. Do you want to say you had a good time, are you asking for a date, are you expressing your affection, do you want to know how they feel about you or do you want to say I miss you?
- If you are handwriting the letter, use a very dark ink and be certain to have a few extra pieces of paper on hand.
- End the love letter by saying that you hope to be able to have the opportunity to 'bump' into her again.
- Use a thesaurus to find unique words for your love letter, such as:
- An unfettered love letter scented with a fragrance you know him to enjoy, peeking out a pair of lacy undies it and left next to his pillow will have his mind reeling with possibilities.
- Be in a good mood when writing a love letter.
- One word of caution, avoid any attributes which can be interpreted as sexual in nature.

Things To Consider In Writing:
- Make An Offer She Cannot Refuse - Offer to do something that you know will make her really, really happy.
- Overcoming Writer's Block - For most people, the difficulty in letter-writing is the start and the close.
- Collect Your Thoughts - Take some time to think about what you want to say before you start writing.
- Surprise Your Partner - Surprise your partner by sharing something very intimate with her, that maybe you didn't express in the past.