Argumentative Paper

by : Sharon White

Argumentative paper, as the name sounded is putting arguments in papers. As the writer, you can state your disagreement about a certain issues and try to give your point of views about the issue in your argumentative paper.

An argumentative paper usually required to take a stand. To argue something from a loose ground will only make your argumentative paper vulnerable and ineffective. Hence you would have to decide your ground and hold strong to the stand before you can start arguing or even to persuade the other to stand on your side.

A good argumentative paper means more than just to make the readers to believe in your arguments. It is also to won over the readers t start believing in your statements made in the paper. Therefore, you should state your own opinions in an argumentative paper clearly and objectively. You must show evidence to support your statements and comments. It is, however, not to show that you are an expert in the field, but at least to prove to the readers that the statements made in your argumentative papers are not merely after thoughts.

To be able to write a strong argumentative paper, after taking a strong stand, it is essential that you start doing thorough research about the topics surrounding the issue. This is to arm yourself with more than enough knowledge about the topic that you are arguing and also to show that you are actually capable of making any sort of arguments at all about the topic.

Besides, you must also study other writers’ arguments for and against the same or similar topics. By knowing what other authors had argued about the topics will give you some ideas on how to present your supporting evidence in favour of your position on the topic as well as anticipate and deflect arguments against your position. This can help you to better imagine and visualized what are the opposing or objections that the readers might make. And it is also to avoid the folly mistakes to make arguments that already been made before and already over and done with.

In fact to make your argumentative paper better, you can even start addressing those imaginative objections that are most like would be voiced out by the readers. This would indicate that your argumentative paper are convincing and also diffusing the confidence to the readers toward your paper.

Then, you must, of course, state clearly the reference that you had used or the arguments that other respective or eligible authors had made. This is to also make your stand stronger. But bare in mind for not overdoing it, too much of quotations or in text citation would also reflecting your lack of confidence about your own statements, if you did make any.

After all and all, the ultimate goal in an argumentative paper is to ‘persuade’ other successfully, not just to agree with what you are suggesting, but also to start believing that what you had argued are absolutely true beyond any reasonable doubts. There are various resources in the internet that actually provide better guidance about how to write a good and strong argumentative paper.