3d Animated Games

by : Dmitry Pl

Some time ago scientists come to conclusion that imagination strengthens our memory. It sounds strange but it is true. When dreaming a man can relax and forget about daily routine, compartment all thoughts and doubts, thus 'clean' his/her mind and start the business after a little break with pleasure and easiness.

It is February with its gray days, but our dreams lead us to the countries where the sun is shining, you can hear the wind and enjoy viewing deep blue sea or ocean. Let's dream a little bit today and get some virtual traveling with three animated games from 3D Relax with its original story and unforgettable and realistic views.

Let me start the list from the 3d place with 3D animated game Chewsters. With this game you will visit 50 beautiful cities of our planet, with their real architecture and famous landmarks recreated in 3D. Have you ever been to China or Africa, for instance? No? Then you will have a great opportunity not only to visit their main cities but also to defend them from aliens, Chewsters, because they chew everything and the cities will be destroyed. Chewsters land in the middle of the central square of the city and begin to multiply threatening to reach the buildings and chew everything they find. Sometimes Captain Dan must save not only the city, but also kittens, puppies and plumbers.

At the second place The Great Sea Battle animated game situated. The Great Sea Battle is a computer version of popular battle ship board game, thus it's your battleship against the fleets of enemy submarines, in an all out war. All the ships in the game are historically accurate and belong to the sixteenth-seventeenth centuries. You will command your fleet with ships including a galley, two galleons, three carracks, and four small yachts. This game is based on very simple rules well known all over the world, features excellent graphics, highly realistic water, ships, bombings and explosions.

And Caribbean Riddle wins first place. This game is a love story about a poor journey man who falls in love with a girl of noble birth and who needs to get the treasure with a noble title. This game offers you to start sails with the hero to find the treasure. Imagine you will be a captain, hear wind in the sails, see the deepness of the see with sharks passing by, algae bushes, school of variegated fishes, and get your chest of treasure.

Caribbean Riddle is the match-three 3D animated game with its original music and sound effects, sparkling jewelry and realistic precious coins of old times, captivating mini-games and cheerfully busy underwater creatures.

Thus wherever you are now, use your imagination - start to the countries you have never been to or visit the places you would like be at. It will take your mind off things and make daily life richer and doosy, because 3D animated games - they are so realistic!