How to Kill Eagle Lord Akilzon - World of Warcraft

by : Glen Meyers

You will need the following raid composition in order to kill Eagle Lord Akil'zon: 1 tank, 3-4 healers, 5-6 DPS. (Due to an ability called Static Disruption, it is recommended that the raid consist more of ranged DPS than melee DPS.)

Boss Abilities:

Gust of Wind: Tosses a random player high into the air and then drops him or her, causing damage equal to 50% of the player's health. This occurs approximately every 30 seconds.

Call Lightning: Deals approximately 4,000 points of nature damage to Akil'zon's current target (usually this is - and should always be, the tank.)

Electrical Storm: Targets a random player, lifts him into the air, and places a cloud over him. All players not standing directly under this player will take increasing amounts of nature damage from the storm every second: 1,000 points of damage the first second, 2,000 points of damage the next, 3,000 points of damage next, etc. This will last for approximately eight seconds and occurs about once every sixty seconds. There are several signs to look for when he starts to channel this spell: rain will appear, in the chat log you will see, "An electrical storm appears!", and finally you will see a darkened spot on the ground. Additionally, there will be a purple charge traveling from Akil'zon to the affected player. When the Electrical Storm occurs, the entire raid must move directly under the targeted player or the raid will wipe in a matter of seconds.

Summon Amani Eagle: Calls Eagles that perform Eagle Swoop onto players, causing approximately 1,500 points of damage. These Eagle's cannot be tanked, and since they are dive-bombing, you cannot use melee DPS against them. Should you choose to kill the eagles, you have three options: ranged attacks, instant chain attacks (such as from a Shaman), or cast DOT's onto them. Alternatively, you can ignore them and focus instead on Akil'zon. The Eagles will not eventually overrun the party; new ones will only spawn to replace ones that have been killed.

Static Disruption: Deals 3,500 damage to a single player and to any players within a close proximity to the targeted player. Static Disruption also places a debuff on players who take damage. This debuff will increase nature damage taken by 25% and lasts for approximately 20 seconds.

Enrage: You have eight minutes to kill him or he will enrage and his damage will increase to 500%.

Raid Positioning: Spread out! Avoiding the stackable debuff from Static Disruption is important. Melee DPS should stand behind Akil'zon and (hopefully) be far enough away from your main tank so as not to affect him or her if Melee DPS gets hit with Static Disruption. Healers and Ranged DPS should form a circle around the boss and stand far enough away from each other so as not to affect each other should they become the target of Static Disruption.

Basic Strategy: The raid needs to expand and collapse throughout the fight to avoid massive damage from the Electrical Storm. Your main tank should be allowed to stay in one place while the rest of the raid collapses onto the Melee DPS whenever Electrical Storm occurs. If you can time it properly, you will know when the storm is about to appear and everyone can move towards (and stand on top of) the Melee DPS. By collapsing onto the Melee DPS, you accomplish two things: allow your tank to stay where he/she is and keep tanking, and allow for your Melee DPS to continue damaging the boss. However, if you collapse too early onto the Melee DPS, you risk the entire party getting hit with a Static Disruption and getting the nature-damage-increase debuff. Alternatively, if you choose to keep players positioned where they are until a target is chosen for the Electrical Storm, there will be a few moments of raid chaos following each Electrical Storm, and your raid will have to sort out its positions. This is not recommended because it will slow down the overall DPS.

Properly timing the Electrical Storms will make the fight much easier and allow you to fight the boss in a controlled manner.