Nintendo Wii Review

by : RC Moore

The all new Nintendo Wii, introduced in the fall of 2006, has become a great success in the game box battle competing with Sony's Playstation 3 and Microsoft's Xbox 360. So what makes Wii so appealing, that they are sold out in stores within hours of being stocked. Compared to the other next generation game consoles the graphics are nothing to get exited about. What Wii has managed to do, is get people off the couch to have some fun. The new system is easy for all age groups to play from the 5 year old child to the grandmother. The other thing so appealing about the Wii is the price is about half that of the Playstation 3 or the Xbox 360. The size is also about half that of it's competitors, and with the ease of setting up it is much more portable. The popularity of the new system has caused sales to outpace supplies. The easiest way to buy a Wii is online. You can always find a vendor selling new units on Ebay.

The most innovative part of the system is the TV remote looking controller. Instead of the traditional two-handed device, the Wii's wireless controller is a rectangular device with an array of sensors, wireless transmitters, and receivers that communicate with the base station through a sensor bar. Game designers love finding new uses for the Wii Remote. In a tennis game, it becomes a racket you swing with your arm. In a driving game, it becomes a steering wheel. The possibilities are endless! The Wii Remote also packs a speaker, rumble feature, and external extension connector for other input devices, like the classic controller or the new Nunchuk with the same sensor technology.

What really makes a game system popular is the games exclusive to the system. The included game Wii Sports is an addictive tech demo that provides for tons of single and multi player fun. Tennis, golf, and baseball work just like one would expect, and when you plug in the Nunchuk the boxing mini game can really help you work up a sweat. For the more traditional hit games Nintendo has upgraded Super Mario Brothers with Super Mario Galaxy and the popular Legends of Zelda with the release of Twilight Princess. New games like Dance Dance Revolution Hottest Party and Guitar Hero III has revolutionized the way games are played. Nintendo has also come out with the new Wii Zapper to use with games like Crossbow Training and Medal of Honor: Heros 2. Just slide the remote into the barrel and the Nunchuk in the rear and you are ready for any shooter game.

The Wii would not be ranked with the next generation of gaming consoles without an online component. Wii comes standard with Wi-Fi capabilities, which makes it simple to connect to a home wireless network. Once online you start with the Wii channels which include Shop, Weather, News, Mii and more. The Mii channel is where you can create 3D avatars that can interact with other Miis all over the world. In specific games, such as the included Wii Sports, your created Mii can be the main character. Up to ten Miis can be stored on a controller, so you'll be able to bring your characters to a friend's house without needing any sort of memory card. The Channel interface is intuitive and shows how even the most basic tasks can be revitalized thanks to the Wiimote.

Nintendo made the Wii a great success by making it simple and fun for everyone at an affordable price. It is also more popular in other countries. It may be hard to get, but it is well worth the effort.

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