The First Free Online Games Cave

by : Bob Flushman

In order to find the most fun and addictive flash games, there are many places to browse. The most useful sites have flash games, categorize them, organize them, and allow each user to casts his vote which will later on be used to calculate the game's popularity and rating. You can then see the most popular games, sorted by their ratings, the number of play, or the style of the game. This rating system really helps to narrow down the type of game you are looking for or you like to play. If you are like most players then some days you will like to play something fast like a war or action game other days you might be feeling like a hot shot and decide to take on Poker games. Literally, all styles of games exist, it's just a matter of taking your time and finding them.

One of the most popular games in the action section is called "Alien Galaxion X" as you can imagine this game is aimed at those who like fast paced space wars, specially to those who love films and games such as Star Wars. Alien Galaxion X is about the battle between the human race and aliens from the far regions of the universe. Human space ships are white while alien space ships have a cool green color; so many will prefer to play as an alien because the weapons are a lot better (because of how rare they are) but if you feel the need to serve under your human flag then you can choose among four different space battle ships to take on the aliens.

Human ships have different weapons and items you can use to enhance your battle abilities, there are shields, turbo thrusters, invisibility tools, space bombs, immobilizer, which are item you are sure to use but beware the items can only be used once so when they are destroyed you won't be able to rely on them anymore; on the other hand, weapons are unlimited and are not destroyed until your battleship goes down, among those weapons we have: the red laser, plasma laser, energy ball, fusion missiles, slicer, spike balls, etc. The best ones the the last three because of they pack a punch when it comes to destroying the enemy's ship.

As mentioned previously you can also play as an alien and can choose among four different ships, one of the best looking one is the "crusador" which has an especial weapon that is activated when you press the "down" arrow of your keyboard, once you fire it will cut through anything in its path, the only downside is that is not a fast weapon and it does take some time to charge and shoot. The upgrades available for each ship are similar to those weapons used in human ships but they are not the same so take your time to learn which ones are the best.

Newbies will be glad there is a training mode which can be used to learn how to play and use each of the weapons described before taking on an actual battle. During a battle there will be many ships coming at once, and all firing at you so make sure you master how to maneuver your ship before taking on an actual game, enjoy!