24 Creative Holiday Gift Wrap Ideas

by : Momscape

The purpose of a present is to make the recipient feel treasured, and with a little special care in the gift wrap, you can do just that.

Here are 24 creative gift wrap ideas.

1. Wrap your gifts with another gift. For example, you might wrap a gift with a bright new silk scarf. Wrap a gift for a gourmet with a pretty printed kitchen towel. Wrap a gift for a child in a fun and colorful new T shirt, and a gift for a baby in a receiving blanket. Tie a gift for a man with a new necktie. Finish a gift for a woman with a new necklace.

2. Strive to use wrap that coordinates with the gift. For example, use fun scrapbooking paper for a crafter and copies of old maps for a traveler.

3. Print your favorite family photos of the year onto plain white paper and use for wrapping small treasures.

4. Use fabric scraps and ribbon. Each time you are in a discount store, stop by the fabric clearance section. You can often find elegant and unique supplies at a deep discount.

5. Cut shapes or monograms from cardstock or old holiday greeting cards and hang from ribbon, jute or yarn.

6. Make your own gift wrap with waxed paper and the embellishments of your choice. First, cover your ironing board with a cloth. Take a sheet of waxed paper and lay it flat on the cloth. Adorn the paper with flower petals, confetti, dried leaves, anything you like that is relatively flat. Now put another piece of waxed paper on top. Place another cloth on top of the waxed paper and run a hot iron over the top. The heat from your iron will seal the edges together.

7. Recycle gift wrap from previous years.

8. Sew simple fabric gift bags that can be reused year after year.

9. Adorn the gift with silk flowers or small charms. The scrapbooking industry has made available so many amazing little embellishments that are perfect for adorning gifts.

10. Use rubber stamps to stamp the name or monogram of the recipient (or a special holiday message).

11. Use a particular section of the newspaper as gift wrap. Whether it is the comics or the sports page, this is an easy, inexpensive way to add a personal touch, especially when combined with one of these other techniques.

12. Fold a gift box from holiday cards.

13. Wrap a gift in a drawing or painting that your children have made.

14. Use natural elements from your backyard to adorn gifts. Pine boughs or pine cones, dried grasses, and dried leaves are all charming choices.

15. Purchase plain paper and ask your children to decorate the wrapped item or gift bag with drawings and special messages.

16. Browse flea markets, garage sales, or dollar stores for inexpensive and unique boxes, bags, and bows. You can even decoupage an old cigar box with photos or memorabilia and create a gift box that is a gift in itself.

17. Use stamps, stencils and stickers to dress up plain white or brown paper.

18. If you have young children, ask them to make handprints on plain white or brown gift wrap before wrapping presents for their grandparents.

19. Create a scavenger hunt to lead them on a search for their gift. My kids love to find their presents through a series of clues, and it builds such lively anticipation for the present itself.

20. Find an inexpensive purse or handbag at a discount store and package a range of gifts inside. You might even include a new wallet with a gift card or two.

21. Purchase inexpensive balsa wood boxes at craft or hobby stores. Paint them and adorn with stickers, rhinestones, and beads. The gift box becomes a one of a kind treasure box. This is especially appreciated among young children, who love new keepsake boxes.

22. Tie an old fashioned rattle on a gift for a baby.

23. Use cloth diapers for a baby gift and attach with jumbo diaper pins.

24. Create a gift basket. Fill the basket with colorful crumpled paper, tinsel, raffia or straw. Assemble small gift items inside into an attractive display. Top it all of with colorful, decorative cellophane. The cellophane should be at least twice as wide as the diameter of the basket. Place the basket in the middle of the cellophane and gather the excess at the top, tying it with a shiny ribbon.

With a little extra time and attention, you can make a memorable gift even more so by choosing materials and gift wrap that suits the personality and style of the recipient.