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by : Ron O Williams

If you have found this article, you already know about the Roadmap to Riches, and you are most likely trying to decide if this is for real or not. I won't waste your time with a fluff piece, just the real facts.

In this first part I will review:

1) what the system is and
2) who developed it.

If you have looked at the sales process and ever wondered why some fail and some succeed, it is very simple. People are the deciding factor in how successful the process is or isn't.

If we could remove the "human factor" then we could convert higher. So what does that mean... remove the human factor...

Brian Grant, an experienced online marketer, realized that in order for him to be able to really control how successful he became, he had to figure out how to get "people" out of the sales process.

Brian has spent the last few years designing and testing while investing hundreds of thousands of dollars in the components of Roadmap to Riches.

He recently (on June 22nd ) launched Road map to riches. Right out of the gate, they started helping ordinary people to generate real income. People that don't know the first thing about marketing online.

This unique internet product does all of the marketing for you. It sorts prospects, delivers highly specific traffic to your account, and converts them to buyers.

How is the question.... right?

-So what is REALLY going on here, and how do you make serious money from becoming involved?

-What Makes this Work?

-The Only Formula for Traffic

Most people that start online businesses have NO IDEA how to market them successfully. They try to blog, they try to write articles, they use MySpace, and they.....ultimately fail... why.. because there is no system in place to make all of these vehicles produce for them.

Brian and has repeatedly watched the constant failures that newbies encounter.. frustrated, broke, and ready to go back to a J.O.B, they call it quits... sound familiar.. does to me..

Brian has mastered the art of converting traffic. He uses every possible advertising vehicle to generate interest, qualify the prospect, and then walk them through the sales process in the simplest and most productive manner possible.

The best part is that this is all automated.. if you can cut and paste, you will be able to learn this system, and start profiting from it.

-What do I have to do?

-Only what we do ourselves

I think my biggest frustration while sorting out the overwhelming choices for online business, was that I had everyone "telling" me what to do if I joined them, and NO ONE offering to really show me.

I consider myself to be pretty smart, and capable, but yet I kept screwing up, choosing bad opportunities and losing time and money.

This most important thing I can stress to you is that everyone that becomes involved with Roadmap to riches has total guidance from their sponsor, and is honestly never left hanging.

You have every support system in place with Roadmap to Riches that will guarantee that you succeed. I never had any level of support with those other so called "opportunities".

Please read through all the information and if you need any answers that you don't find here.. call me.. Really! I am happy to speak with you.

Ron Williams is an accomplished Internet Marketing Coach. His specialty is Road Map To Riches. To learn more about what it is go to