Driving School Business? Driving School Insurance Is A Must

by : Tom Heath

Youare planning to start a new business-A driving school. The vehicles havealready been purchased, the instructors are ready and the location is the idealplace you were looking for. But have you got Driving School Insurance? If not,do it.? For a thriving driving schoolbusiness, driving insurance is a must.

Driving school insurance is aimed at theinstructor who would have to reel under the stress of minor accidents all thetime. Driving instructor insurance adds value and saves money in the long run.How? The insurance covers - all parts of the car, the entire fleet of vehicles,damages from fire or in the event of theft, damages to the parts of the car,and even legal protection. Some insurance companies also offer no-claimbonuses, and cover the instructor in a pupil’s car at the time of the accident.

One day test cover insurance comes inhandy during mock tests or drive, or on lesson days. They are very importantand instructors usually go for 1 daytest coverduring test drives. These types of insurance are immediate and extend from asingle day to 28 days. One day test cover insurance also works well for a newcar, temporary or hired vehicle.

Theprecautions while going for drivingschool insuranceinclude:

?????????Checkout the premium costs. Higher premiums can eat into the profit of the company.

?????????Readall the instructions carefully, even the ones in small print, as they may havehidden costs and charges.

?????????Doa lot of research on the different companies offering insurance. Check theirwebsites.

?????????Talkto other driving school instructors

?????????Ifyou don’t understand the technical clauses, ask for an explanation

?????????Seeif there is complete cover for loss of the vehicle

?????????Checkto see if the insurance covers non-fault accidents (accidents that happenthrough no fault of the instructor. This was introduced to prevent insurancecompanies evade paying the insurance cover when the vehicle is relativelyundamaged, though the instructor is).

?????????Talkto the experts in the insurance company you are interested in.

Someof the insurance companies also calculate the insurance premium individuallyfor the instructors. This may work out well for small driving schools, as thecost of the premiums would be less. However, bigger driving schools should gofor a comprehensive complete cover for all the instructors. This would helpescape the paperwork and save time. It may also be better to go for providerswith many insurance companies under their belt. This would help in comparingthe offers and premiums instantly. The experts would also be available at hand,and help select a policy and company perfect for you.

Alsocheck to see if the information furnished by you is accurate and clear. Informthe insurance company of any previous accidents or claims. As only registereddrivers are admitted in the insurancePsychology Articles, get yourself registered before you applyfor driving instructor insurance. Do not carry goods or passengers in vehicles meantfor training.