Travel Insurance Claims

by : Gill Critchley

For many of us going on holiday is a fun, adventurous and exciting time, however; there are some who aren't that lucky.

Every year travel insurance companies receive numerous claims as a result of holiday disasters. Here are just a few of the more bizarre claims that insurers deal with:

1.A couple on their holiday in Malaysia had returned to their hotel room only to find that some local monkeys had scattered their clothes around the resort and the local rainforest. Fortunately, the travel insurance company paid their claim.

2.An unlucky pensioner was on a cruise holiday when a particularly strong gust of wind blew his toupee off into the sea. His insurer did pay out for the cost of his hairpiece though.

3.One really unlucky holidaymaker dropped his wallet down a drain in Natanya. However; his claim wasn't for a reimbursement, it was to pay for the hospital treatment for his scorpion sting which he got when he put his hand down the drain to get his wallet back.

4.A family enjoying a camping holiday in a remote area in Wales were surprised to say the least that a parachutist from a local airbase had missed his target and landed on the family's camping equipment, destroying it. The family did try to claim but as they were not covered for accidental damage the insurance company didn't pay out.

5.Another unlucky pensioner on a cruise holiday felt a bit unwell and whilst losing his lunch over the side of the ship he also lost his false teeth. As the dentures were covered under lost baggage, his claim was paid.

6.A couple away for their wedding definitely had a day to remember as the bride's dress caught fire after a piece of coal from the barbecue fell off. Tragedy was averted by the quick-thinking groom who picked up his new wife and threw her into the ocean. Fortunately, the couple had taken out wedding cover and they were able to claim for their ruined wedding outfits.

7.Another claim that was unable to be paid was the case of a family on holiday in Spain. A father was the hero of the hour when he rushed his daughter to the local hairdressers after she had frazzled her hair on the oven. Unfortunately, the results of the impromptu hairstyle were less than satisfying. Their claim went unpaid due to them not being covered for accidental damage in their holiday insurance policy.

8.A man who was enjoying a holiday in Greece managed to break his nose when he walked into a glass panel in a bus shelter. It turned out it was because he had been distracted by two attractive Greek girls in their bikinis. Fortunately, he was able to claim for his hospital bills.

9.Parents were very shocked to find that their children had thought it a good idea to bury their ?600 camcorder in the sand. Luckily for them, the insurance company had seen the humorous side and had accepted the claim.

10.In France, a woman had her make-up bag stolen and later disclosed that she had transferred a strong haemorrhoid cream into an empty moisturiser bottle. Her claim for the stolen cosmetics was paid.