Restaurant Loans - What are Your Options?

by : Christopher Carter

Restaurant financing was once very difficult to obtain but today there are many options for financing and restaurant loans are offered by various financial institutes as well as traditional banks.

There are many factors that will come into play when looking to obtain financing for your new restaurant. For example, the size of your restaurant, your experience, how much funding you are putting up, and how much funding you need.

Money makes the world go round and it definitely makes your restaurant go round. Whether you are opening your very first restaurant, moving your existing restaurant to a bigger location, remodeling, or adding new a new bar - it matters not, all of it entails restaurant financing, and restaurant loans are much different than regular business loans.

Restaurant loans can be challenging to obtain and frustrating for you. This just isn't an industry that the banks like, so you need to be ready for rejection to occur. The good news is that there are loans available if you just persevere. Here are some tips to help you get that financing in place.


Explore various financing options. What works for someone else might not be right for you. So don't be afraid to spend some time online to find the right loans for you.

Commercial Restaurant Loans

You may have trouble finding conventional restaurant loans, especially if this is a new venture without a proven track record, but it's still worth a shot. The key is to be able to prove to the bank that you are really low risk. The banks job is to have assets to cover a percentage of the amount of money they lend, so take a little time to understand how this works.

SBA Loans

SBA loans are something that many aren't familiar with. This is an alternative to the traditional restaurant loans offered by your bank. Through the private sector loans are granted through various lenders and the SBA will guarantee up to 85% of the principal. There are actually more than 500 lenders in Canada that offer SBA loans. If you are turned down on traditional restaurant loans, you may be a candidate for an SBA loan.


There are many individuals and companies that are interested in investing in new ventures including restaurants. Unlike restaurant loans investors own a portion of the business. You determine the agreement between you and the investor.

Seller Financing

If you are purchasing an existing restaurant many times the seller is willing to finance. Don't be afraid to ask.

There you have it - restaurant loans are readily available, perhaps just not in the traditional form that we are so used to, but certainly in many other forms.