Military Academy Preparatory School

by : Jane Ling

The United States Military Preparatory School (USMAPS) is just what the name implies - it's a preparation school for candidates that want to go to a united-states military school.

It's also called the WestPoint Prep sometimes, as most of the graduates of this prep school will attend the West Point army academy after they graduate. A few will attend other military schools in the US.

The USMAPS was established in 1946, and it's current location is on the Fort Monmouth Army base, in Eatontown, New Jersey. The official mission of the establishment is: "to provide academic, military and physical instruction in a moral-ethical military environment to prepare and motivate candidates for success at the United States Military Academy"

The students of the USMAPS are defined as "Cadet Candidates" (CC's), and enjoy free tuition and board. The program lasts for 10 months and it's aim is to prepare the students to the rigorous academic and military demands they will meet when the finish the Prep stage, and attend West Point academy.

The Program:

The Cadet candidates start the 1 moth program in early July, when they arrive at the facility. They start with a four week intensive basic training that puts them into shape. This part of the program is called CCBT - Cadet Candidate Basic Training. Immediately after the CCBT, The classes start and they end in mid-May. The curriculum includes English, mathematics, physics, military history and military training. Most of the CC's will go to West Point academy, but some will attend other establishments.

West Point Applications:

There is no separate application for USMAPS, only the West Point application. The 10 month training program at USMAPS is offered to candidates to West Point who lack the grades or skills necessary for West Point. During the Prep school year, the CC's must file a new application to West Point. It should be noted that almost all of the CC's who finish the prep school are granted to attend West Point.

Athletics Activity:

The USMAPS also have an extensive athletic program including football, women's volleyball, cross-country, track, men and women's basketball, soccer, lacrosse, swimming, and wrestling. The USMAPS primarily competes against the other prep school's teams, especially their rival the Naval Academy Preparatory School.

Location Change:

The USMAPS has gone through a few location changes since it's establishment.

It was founded in June 1946 at Stewart Army Air Field, Newburgh, New York - just a few miles away from West Point.

In 1957, it moved to Fort Belvoir, Virginia.

And finally, moved to Fort Monmouth in 1975

Shutting Down:

Due to the Base Realignment and Closure, 2005, Fort Monmouth is currently in the process of being shut down. USMAPS will continue, however, to operate at the Fort Monmouth campus for several more years.