Short Term Health Insurance

by : Robert

Did you know that you can apply for short term health insurance and immediately be covered the following day? Short term health insurance plans, or temporary health insurance plans are very flexible and can be used for any specified period of time, may it be three days to twelve months, depending on your insurance company. There are also affordable payment schemes by which you choose the deductible amount. On the average, a person applying for this pays about $300 per year, and he can choose for how long he has to pay and remain insured.

Though there are some limitations to applying for short term health insurance compared to regular insurance, there are still instances when temporary medical plans are applicable. Who are the persons who should consider applying for this? If you are hoping to get approved for medical insurance elsewhere, why not get a short term health insurance plan first? This way, in case you are ill or incur an injury, you don't need to worry about your expenses. Some short term health insurance plans can even be extended to the spouse and children as beneficiaries. Also, if you are a student who has recently graduated, you are likely to be not covered by your student insurance plan anymore, so a short term policy might work well for you. This can keep you covered and free from worries of medical expenses until such time that you get hired by a company that will insure you.

If you are an employee of a company who has had you insured under group health insurance, and for some reason you had to resign from your job, the temporary health insurance plan can greatly help you and protect you in times of emergency. Most persons who travel to the United States for a short period of time also choose to get the short term insurance plan. This is most applicable to foreign students or international enrollees in US colleges or universities.

Just like in the application process for the different types of health insurance, you should also be familiar with the company you are getting your short term plan from. There are many ways by which you can be assessed for eligibility, and you can also determine if your insurance company is dependable. Short term health insurance, in general, is a smart decision to make, especially when you are still unsure if you are able to avail of regular insurance premiums from your insurance company.