A World of Knowledge - World Book Encyclopedia

by : Morgan Hamilton

I am a literary person. Ever since I was a child, I have never stopped the search for different books. I have always been interested in fiction, science, poetry and so on and so forth. When I hear the words, World Book Encyclopedia I always recall my childhood. First, I went through all the kid classics I was able to find at home. Then I went over to books with the “adult" content. I “ate up" the encyclopedias we had, The Compton Encyclopedia. Then after a short search at our local library, I found The World Book Encyclopedia.

While I was used to reading every book I found, my brother had another hobby. He only use to read encyclopedias. He loved to settle in an easy chair, put his feet up and start with the A page of the encyclopedia. I was always surprised that he would not stop reading until he finished the last page of the encyclopedia. When he finished the volume, he went on to the next volume. My brother never wanted to talk. I press the words he never talked. My mother used to say that he only grunted. He used to give a grunt if someone greeted him.

There was something queer about my brother but he was a genius. He attended college in Alaska. Then he went on to Military Intelligence. Then he went on to reading all-available encyclopedias — The World Book Encyclopedia, Encyclopedia Brittanica, and the Columbia Encyclopedia. He had isolated himself to read encyclopedias.

At the same time, I was dreaming about writing. Maybe his passion for reading made me a dreamer. I only thought about the kinds of writing I would do when I grew up. My boldest dream was to write encyclopedias.

When I graduated from college and I became a teacher at a college, I completely abandoned this writing dream. I started writing for a living. First, I decided to search how to be a freelancer. I was not keen on the idea but I needed to do something for a living. Fortunately, while I was searching I encountered a call for writers to submit to a literary encyclopedia. I remembered my old dream I applied but soon I forgot about it. I have always dreamt to be the World Book Encyclopedia writer. In order to make a living I went on to write web content.

I was very surprised one day when one day I got an email from the editor of a publishing house. He offered me to write book review, then literary surveys for an online academic literary library database. At that moment, I was the happiest man on the planet. I have encountered the one of the best jobs I can think of.

At the present time, my brother works as an MIS. He has not lost his passion to read encyclopedias. Now, he has moved to reading The World Book Encyclopedia online. I believe that you will ask me whether he has started to talk. The answer is – no, he has not. He even sends me e-mail quite rarely. I understand him. He doesn’t need to talk. We are busy people, whether reading The World Book Encyclopedia, or writing entries for The World Book Encyclopedia, and we cannot afford to waste time. Thank God for the Internet. Otherwise, he would never call me.