Learn French Online

by : Everaert Patrice

Ever wished to visit France? Walk through the Champs Elysees? Climb upon the Eiffel Tower? To sail on the Seine? Did you really think to realize that without knowing a scratch of the French language? Come on. Stop kidding me!

Everywhere around the world people speak different languages but it seems that we are a little bit behind that kind of technology. Doesn't that makes you wonder? We should prepare ourselves to get educated. We always send our children to the best schools to master a lot of things like French language but do you even know a little bit about it?

This is just a sneak-peak of where you should start.

Greetings: Monsieur Dupont meets Madame La Baronne.

Monsieur Dupont: Bonjour Madame! (Hello Madam!)
Madame La Baronne: Bonjour, Monsieur Dupont! (Hello, Mister Dupont!)
Monsieur Dupont: Comment allez vous? (How are you?)
Madame La Baronne: Très bien, merci. Et vous? (Fine, Thanks. And you?)
Monsieur Dupont: Je vais bien, merci. (I'm well, Thanks.)

Well is it that hard? No, you see! We really need to get started to be educated before to try to educate others.

This is my 3-T Formula to learn French and much more: Tools, Tips and Techniques!

• Learn a lot and master what you've learned.
• Take action by listening, reading and writing what you've learned.
• Rehearse it with your partner by using all of your knowledge.
• And be patience to understand and to make understand.

A lot of people think that by hanging some name cards on door knobs they are going to learn French but it isn't that easy. Believe me. Personally I speak fluently four languages and that all with confidence.

I learned two of them at home because my mother spoke Dutch and my father French. I learned English by watching American television for a couple of years with French and Dutch subtitles. And the last year I've just learned to speak Arabic by living and working in Egypt.

So now you see that this is the proof that your brain is unconsciously working while you're wasting your time like a lazy … in your sofa watching TV, or listening to your parents or just living in another culture with another language.

Thus this will be your lethal weapon to learn French and other languages because your brain is really unconsciously working.

So now you know all that you just need to take the right steps to advance and become a real educated citizen in this wide wide globe of multi-lingual cultures.