IRS Tax Deductions And Their Availability

by : Dean Forster

Not all of us are really well versed in the tax related procedures. This is the reason that a number of people are not able to take advantage of even the basic things like IRS tax deductions. These tax deductions can be really helpful and they can bring down the amount that you are supposed to pay to the Internal Revenue Service by a considerable margin. With the help of information provided here, you would be able to grasp the basics of tax deductions.

Tax deductions are given of the money which has been spent for certain predefined purposes. The deductions work on the basis of income. This reduces the net taxable income of the person subject to taxes. What this means is that the money on the basis of which your tax liability would be calculated would come down and bring your tax liability down with it as well. These deductions take place beforehand. Being pre tax makes them a better tax planning measure than tax refunds.

Two main categories of tax deductions have been defined according to the law. They are standardized deductions and itemized deductions. Standardized deductions are based on you status of being single or married and the like. They are fixed dollar deductions. Itemized deductions on the other hand tend to vary as they are based on expenses which would vary from person to person. This means that there is no uniformity in the amount of deductions available to a person.

Some of the common cases where tax deductions are available include the money that you paid for job hunting including the money you paid to job agencies. Money spent on professional books and magazines as well as the charges for professional and business related associations especially union fees are also considered. Money spent on uniforms is also deductible. Certain other expenses related to the office can also get you tax deductions.

Money you save for the college eduction of your children is considered for tax deductions, so is the money you spend on getting job related classes. Business liability insurance premiums are among the list of tax deductible expenses which are available to people of United States.

Then there is the money you have spent at home, the money you spent to get the tax documentation prepared and advisory charges, contribution to traditional IRA, 401k, legal fees and alimony etc are all deductible from taxes. Certain types of donations also get you tax deductions. Naturally you would have to present the proof of all these things to benefit from these IRS tax deductions so bill and recipe hunting might become a big chore.