Drive a Water Powered Car and get a Huge Tax Refund

by : Stevenm

First of all, in case you don't know, it's possible to power your car with water, You can actually modify your car to run on water from the comfort of your home with the right guide and the right devices.

Apart from the fact that you can put it together yourself, and it saves you a ton of money on fuel, the beauty of a water powered car is that you can actually get an IRS refund for owning one.

You will be helping our National economy by reducing government spends on pollution, hospitals, sick days, etc. by driving a water powered car (also known as a "green" car)

You will help to reduce our national debt in imported oil, and most importantly, reduce the painful price of economic dependability on oil.

Below is word for word text out of the new IRS code, Since 2005 the IRS begun giving considerable rewards for "green" cars, "green" fuels and "green" upgrades.

The maximum deduction you can claim for qualified clean-fuel vehicle property with respect to any motor vehicle is one of the following. You can get up to $2,000 for a car, or up to $50,000 for a truck.

1. $50,000 for a truck or van with a gross vehicle weight rating over 26,000 pounds or for a bus with a seating capacity of at least 20 adults (excluding the driver).

2. For a truck or van with a gross vehicle weight rating over 10,000 pounds but not more than 26,000 pounds, $5,000

3. $2,000 for a vehicle not included in (1) or (2)."

But of course you must provide receipts that show your costs in installing and setting up your water powered car.

With the right information you would only need to spend very little money to install the device in your car that will make it run on water and gas, thereby reducing the consumption of gas. So If you are thinking that it will cost you a fortune to set up water powered cars, think again.