Researching stock trades

by : Shaun Rosenberg

It is important to keep track of stock market events when trading. If you do not you may often encounter sudden suppresses.

The first thing you want to be aware of is the federal meetings. Every now and then the feds cut or raise interest rates. This can have a big impact on the movement of the market. Stocks may rally on the news of an interest rate cut and fall on news of an increase in the interest rate. This due to the fact that lower interest rates help businesses and aid growth, higher interest rates can hurt growth.

Another thing you may want to keep an eye out for is earnings announcements. If a company has good earnings there stock is likely to go up. If they have bad earnings there stock is likely to go down. Predicting earnings can be risky, it can be a good idea to stay away from a stock announcing its earnings.

You may also want to check on the company itself to make sure that it is a good company. Every time I place a trade I take a quick look at the company itself to see how they are doing. You do not want to buy a stock that is going to go bankrupt tomorrow.

Finally you always want to check out the technicals of a given stock before you buy it. Is it up trending Forming any chart patterns or candlestick patterns That can be very important in deciding which way to trade the stock, or if to trade the stock at all. Checking the trend of the industry group and overall market may be helpful as well.

There is a lot of homework to be done for every trade. Just remember not to overdo it. While it is important to put the odds in your favorScience Articles, you need to pull the trigger if you want to make money. You can’t wait until everything is perfectly aligned before you act.