Ten Tips to Succeed in Stock Market

by : Dr Steven Lee

1. Cut your losses. Let your profit run.

Always remember to set stop loss point.

2. Learn from your losses.

Make each loss as a lesson to enrich your investment experience.

3. Don’t be greedy.

People always turn their large profits into losses because of greedy.

4. Never leverage in a losing position.

Most of people try to leverage in losing position. It’s a BAD idea.

5. Observing.

Standing aside is a good idea when you cannot judge which the coming direction is.

6. New mindset to beat the market.

Nowadays, fast money is the new market trendComputer Technology Articles, long term trading already out dated.

7. Discipline and patience is the key to win.

Don't chase high if you are not sure when will the market reverse.

8. Apply only few strategies to suit different stocks.

Using too many strategies will make you confuse.

9. Narrow down your focus.

Do not try to focus on too many stocks at once. Limit to 6-7 counters.

10. Find a good mentor.

A good mentor is the golden key to your investment success.