How To Make Your Own Kids Halloween Costumes On A Budget

by : Philsikes

You will be able to buy or hire Halloween costumes for your children at a store somewhere near you as Halloween approaches. If you want to save a few dollars, why not think about a homemade Halloween costume? The bonus is that your children will love to help you, and they will learn something about being creative and making clothes along the way.

Consider some ideas for homemade Halloween costumes that won't cost much at all.

Creepy other-worldly creatures are the most common of the traditional Halloween costumes. Countless kids dress as ghosts each October 31st with nothing more than a sheet draped over them with holes cut for arms, eyes, and a mouth.

Even though this costume is extremely simple, it can be made more fun with fabric paints, lipstick, and marker pens. Use them to add frightening facial features to your simple white sheet ghost. You and your child can make a candy bag for trick-or-treating that matches their ghostly costume.

Ghosts don't always have to be pure white. You could use marker pens or sewn on patches to add some color or dots, or a short cloak tied around the neck in a contrasting color. Black and orange are traditional Halloween colors, for example.

Using old colored sheets that are just lying around the house to make a ghost costume can be fun and easy, but remember that not just any old color will do. You want your ghost to stay scary, since that's the whole idea of Halloween. A pastel sheet will not make your child terrifying to anyone. A well chosen color, though, could make your child's costume stand out while maintaining an eerie Halloween feel.

Witch costumes are another easy and fun option. With a black fabric circle with head and arm holes you're already nearly finished. Remember that a witch costume relies heavily on creepy details, especially a good pointed hat. A good witch's hat can be made from a black cardboard cone and some glue. You can also choose to buy one in a local shop.

Instead of buying a witch's mask, you can make one at home. It isn't difficult to include all the important details, like a long, nasty, wart-covered nose. Just use paper mache, paint, and some elastic. A broomstick can be made with some simple adjustments to a broom from home; attach a bunch of brushwood to the end of the broom with some wire. Of course, your child will need a trick-or-treating bag that matches their costume.