All You Need To Know About Cabbage Patch Dolls

by : Vgevge

Xavier Roberts is the man behind the invention of Cabbage Patch dolls in 1976 which was known as 'Little Person' dolls. The peculiarity of these dolls is that each doll is unique, meaning that not any two dolls look alike. Roberts when he was a teenager, started a hospital by the name 'Babyland General Hospital' in Georgia where people can adopt the hand sewn dolls. These dolls were never referred to as dolls, but they were termed as babies. Roberts and his five friends started a company by the name Appalachian Artworks Company for producing these dolls. Later in 1983, the company 'Coleco' was impressed by the idea of Roberts, and started marketing these dolls by the new name 'Cabbage Patch kids'.

Cabbage patch dolls have both boys and girls dolls. They reflect the style of 1980's. They belonged as a toy for kids irrespective of gender. There was a huge demand for them in the early days but later attraction towards them faded because of the arrival of other dolls. Kids are very much in love with the friendly faces of these dolls. While possessing these cabbage patch dolls kids will have a feeling that they have adopted a doll. For many kids, these dolls act as a sibling may be a brother or a sister.

Cabbage patch kids are produced with vinyl heads and body of the dolls are made of soft fabric. The amazing thing about cabbage patch dolls is that these dolls differ from each other in hair colors or eye colors .They even has different costumes. Each doll is identified by a name which is written on the birth certificates. Earlier one can't buy them but instead they can be adopted by paying an adoption fees. They became very popular soon after they were introduced. Three million cabbage patch kids were sold by the end of 1983. A cabbage patch kid was even lucky to visit the space in 1985. A series of trading cards were introduced in their names which came to be known as Garbage Pail Kids. These cards contained caricatures of Cabbage patch kids. These cards had to be discontinued as a result of trade mark issue raised by the Appalachian Artworks Company.

Children like these dolls very much and parents can buy them as a gift. The new version of these cabbage patch dolls has a full vinyl body instead of the cloth body. The prices of these dolls are a bit high so that parents have to do a research before buying it. The dolls are available in different price range and styles. Before buying, the age of your kid needs to be taken care of. For younger kids who want to play the role of a mummy can look forward to buy one with accessories like potty, tooth brush etc. These types are smaller in size and are easy to clean when food items or crayons gets on the body of the doll. For older kids who are looking for a bigger version, the type available is of bigger size. These dolls have a vinyl head and a cloth body. They are pretty expensive but it is definitely a value for money.