A Two Year Olds Adorable Little Toddler Halloween Costume

by : Susanwest

Finding a cute toddler Halloween costume is a treat. Many stores offer a vast array of spooky and sweet toddler costumes. The trick is to find an adorable tomato or pumpkin suit that is also safe and comfortable.

For the most part infant costumes are relatively safe. A cotton sweat pea is not just comfortable, but also lacks potentially dangerous pieces that may either cover the face or have sharp edges. If your "baby" is walking, keeping him or her relegated to the stroller is just not going to work. Find a toddler costume that allows for free movement and does not block their eyesight. As you approach that first house, chances are your little angel will hurriedly reach for the door. This is when you find out if that toddler Halloween costume will be a trick or a treat.

The ability to wear clothing under the costume is helpful when the climate is not so warm during this time of year, particularly if the costume will be worn over a jacket and additional clothing. Be certain that neither infant nor toddler Halloween costume impedes the movement of the children's extremities; bunching or gather outfits will make it difficult to walk.

Here are a few tips to ensure that your favorite infant costume is safe for Halloween night. 1 - Review the mask. Make sure elastic bands are flexible and nothing obstructs vision. Want to avoid a mask altogether? Use face paint! 2 - Watch out for those flowing pants or sleeves. If the suit has long arms or legs, fell free to take the scissors to them. Shorten any long pieces to your liking. It's your toddler's costume; you can alter it however you need! Just remembering these simple tips will help avoid potential dangers.

Among some of the more inventive I've seen recently included a leopard, a dinosaur and a cheetah, which incorporated two piece costumes, with face painting, that allowed for ease of use when the little one invariably had to shed the costume to use the bathroom, or found it necessary to readjust clothing beneath it.

Depending on the age of your little "trick or treater," they may still be putting everything into their mouth. Avoid any dangling pieces that Jr. and Suzy will want to taste. An infant Halloween costume should obviously avoid any elaborate hood or head coverings.

Most store bought toddler Halloween costumes are relatively safe. Standards have been placed that require suits to be flame resistant. Double check just to be sure. Lighted jack o' lanterns are awfully pretty to new "trick or treaters." For your own pumpkins, use a glow stick instead of the standard candle.

The whole point of picking out the perfect toddler costume is to have fun! Your costume should reflect this. With a little know-how, it will be easy to find a costume that is safe and interesting, which allows for an exciting and enchanting evening. Edited by Glinda Zuladra